Wash Care

When it comes to caring for your clothing, it's important to follow best practices to maintain their quality and longevity. For optimal results, consider the following recommendations:


  • Dry cleaning is often the best option for delicate or difficult-to-wash fabrics.
  • Wash dark colors separately to prevent color bleeding.
  • For gentler cleaning, hand washing in cold water with mild detergent can be effective.
  • To avoid damage, wash garments separately and avoid soaking.


  • Strong chemicals or detergents, including bleach, should be avoided as they can damage fabrics.


  • To prevent fading or shrinking, dry clothing in the shade and inside out.
  • Avoid drying outside in direct sunlight, which can also cause color fading.


  • For best results, iron clothing inside out with a low heat setting.
  • To prevent damage to embellishments, avoid ironing directly over embroideries or printing.

Following these guidelines can help ensure that your clothing looks its best and lasts for as long as possible, presenting a professional and polished appearance.